Knocking on the next door with humor, social science and plenty of curiosity.


Workshop Developer

As a sought-after speaker, emcee and workshop developer, Jacey has seen firsthand how the new live audience never comes to an event to get information. They have all the information in the world at their fingertips.  Today's audience comes out in person to create the kind of connections that move their dreams forward.  Bring Jacey in to help you engineer those creative collisions that will make your audience stand up and cheer.



 Jacey's personal experience and professional training color her insights into the inner workings of our everchanging culture.  Jacey has been featured as a family subject matter expert by the New York Times, NBC Dateline, CBS Morning News, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Woman’s Day magazine and many others.

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Success Coach

Jacey is a cheerleader, motivator and realist. She is a straight shooter who brings you recommendations AND resources. Jacey specializes in finding evidence-based practices that guide people through their the many seasons of life.

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