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Event Coach

As a sought-after speaker, emcee and workshop developer, Jacey has seen firsthand how the  new live audience doesn't come to an event to get information. They have all the information in the world literally at their fingertips.  Today's audience comes out in person to create the kind of connections that move their dreams forward.  Bring Jacey in to help you engineer those creative collisions that will make your audience stand up and cheer.

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 Air Force brat. Navy wife. Army mom. Military sociologist.  Jacey's personal experience and professional training color her insights into the inner workings of military culture.  Jacey has been featured as a military family subject matter expert by the New York Times, NBC Dateline, CBS Morning News, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Woman’s Day magazine and many others.

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Transition and Spouse Employment

As a generation of soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coasties transition from military service into civilian life, they know they need jobs.  But vets are often flummoxed that getting a job isn't all they need to do to make a successful transition. Transition is a process that takes about two years. As a military sociologist, Jacey specializes in finding evidence-based best practices for transitioning service members and their families.

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Event Evaluation

Is your event reaching your ideal audience? How can you get more people to show up in person? Are you really making a difference?  Bring Jacey in to do a 360 degree evaluation of your existing event.  Building on your current strengths, Jacey's 8 Powerful Questions make sure you and your team connect with the right audience for the right reasons and get the right results.


Empathic Design

Event managers use a traditional model to bring in speakers and panels and reserve event space.  Event coaches use empathic design to create an event where the audience comes first.  Bring in Jacey as your event coach so that your organization creates 'collisions,' builds real relationships within the audience, and makes a lasting connection between your experts, your users and your brand.  



The new live audience doesn't want a presenter who reads to them.  Or talks on and on during a panel.  Or tortures them with a PowerPoint.  The new audience wants your team to be the experts who provide insight, discernment, secrets, stories.  Let Jacey teach your team to use their own set of talents to connect with their audience so real learning can take place.

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Check In

After your completed event, Jacey will meet with your team to praise the things that went right, identify the things that went wrong and strategize for the next presentation.  Live events are an invitation to your audience to develop a deeper relationship with your brand.  Be sure you RSVP.