Live Event Rules #4 Keep an eye on your judgey boss

One of the coaching questions I ask a new live events client is always about their boss: What are the top three things your boss uses to judge your performance?

No one ever says ‘happy cheerfulness.’ No one ever says, ‘Krispie Kreme deliveries.’


Instead, these clients always have a number that is going to pop up on a spreadsheet. They know they will be judged on things like “how much money I bring in.” Or, “attendance at my live event.” Or, “membership numbers.” Or, “unique views.”

The one thing guaranteed to make those numbers robust:
the audience.

I am amazed at how many people lose sight of those numbers while they are planning their live event. They get so trapped in the weeds of how much the event is going to cost and the prestige of their speakers and whether to offer breakfast service that they forget the one thing guaranteed to make those numbers robust: the audience.

The live audience boosts attendance. The live audience becomes your members. The live audience clicks on your website over and over and provides those unique views. The audience either brings in money or provides you with a number that you use to secure money.

So it is funny how your boss doesn’t seem to care about the audience experience in the planning stages. Your boss is in the weeds with costs and status and what their boss is going to say.

This is where you and your awesomeness come in. You know that worrying only about that stuff is like getting all nutsy about the example stories your 9th grade teacher waxed on about in social studies. Those things won’t be on the test. Focus instead on what IS on the test: the numbers.

And numbers come from your audience. Focus on your audience experience in the early planning stages so that you can let yourself focus on the rest of those details later.